We Repair:

  • All makes of speedometers and rev counters
  • E.C.Us and other related electronics

We Also:

  • Have equipment to adjust the digital speedometers on all vehicles
  • Able to program digital instruments from 4 cylinder instruments to 6 cylinders

We Supply:

  • Tachographs
  • Onboard computers
  • Fittings
  • Tachometers
  • Speedsensors
  • Speedometers

Using the onboard computer we have testimony of customers with radical fuel savings.

Digital Mileage Correction Services

Digital Mileage Correction Services – With the most advanced hand held equipment available we can work on the latest models offering Competitive rates and covering most model cars. We carry all work in house including latest BMW & Mercedes key modules. No waiting around and posting parts off. We also offer a repair service to your instrument cluster, speedometer including lcd pixel repairs, where the pixels on the lcd screen have vanished. Don’t believe the dealers when they say you need a new Speedo cluster as this can set you back hundreds of rands if not a least a thousand. Our engineers can bring your cluster back to its original form, usually we can get at least 100% of the pixels back. We carry out Service Resets, Odometer Adjustment and Digital Mileage.

Speedometer Repair at its finest!

Reef Industrial, the industry leader in speedometer repairs, upgrades and customization, is the best place for all your speedometer needs. Are you in need of a speedometer repair or are you ready for that perfect custom look? If so, look no further than our 35 years of combined experience and top notch customer service. Here at Reef Industrial, speedometers are our business.

How do I get my speedometer repaired?

These are the ways to get your speedometer to Reef Industrial for repair.